Effective Homeopathy Treatment at KIMS

February 21th 2018Back

For all those who believe in alternative medicine, homeopathy offers an effective cure for all chronic and recurring diseases.  In fact, it is a popular treatment option for skin, joint and autoimmune diseases in addition to acute conditions like infections and pains. It is also very effective in recurring diseases such as migraine, allergies, acne, arthritis and asthma.

Many argue about the effectively of treatment between conventional and homeopathy treatment. However, the advantage of homeopathy is that it gives lasting relief for many months or even years. Also, homeopathy is very cost effective, easy to administer treatment which can used with other forms of medication.

Dr. A. Jayashree, Specialist – Homeopathy Medicine at Dr. Batra’s Clinic in KIMS Bahrain Medical Centre, says, Homeopathic medicines are made from plants, minerals and other natural substances so it is devoid of any toxic substance, hence absolutely harmless. It is safe for infants, pregnant women and elderly patients as well as for patients who have delicate health.”

Homeopathy recognizes that each person exhibits his or her diseases in a unique and slightly different manner. Hence two people with the same disease will not receive the same homeopathic remedy.

Homeopathy addresses an overall syndrome of body and mind, strengthening the body’s own defense system so it can heal itself. It deals with the patient’s physical, emotional and genetic totality and hence treats the disease traits rather than treating the disease superficially.